Friday, August 07, 2009


I'm Smoking A Cigarette Right Now!

Although I'm smoking a cheaper cigarette - I should say a cheaper brand of cigarette - it is definitely better than nothing at all! I'm currently smoking a brand called "Smokin Joes" and while it doesn't say that they are cigarettes they are called "filtered cigars". They are also menthol 100's.

Of course they are not as good as my regular brand of choice which is Kools but I'm grateful and thankful for having these - instead of not having any at all!

The Hummer cigarettes were my favorite standby cigarettes (actually they are branded as little cigars too) because they were the cheapest that I could buy at around $1.60 cents a pack! BUT the store that I used to buy them from are no longer selling them!

There was another, cheaper brand of cigarette that I could buy at my local Rite Aid store at $1.05 (I forgot the name of the brand) but that price went up to $3 and some change! So I don't even think of buying that brand anymore!

On the positive side I took a look at my Adsense earnings today and I had a very good day as far as my Adsense earnings were concerned!

So I am in good spirits today! I still have a few packs of cigarettes to last me for a while - which is very good news! As a matter of fact I had to deal with one of my bill creditors on the phone and having the cigarettes to smoke while I dealt with them worked in my favor because I got a great result from that phone call!

So I am in a very good mood today!

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